2020 A New Decade – A new way to see it in

[image_bg sticky=”yes” full=”no” img=”https://yatripabari.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/hm20207-1-scaled-1.jpg”][columns_container][column_element][cap_text full=”no” size=”40″]Another book closed with a start into a new decade.[/cap_text]


January is always a little blue, with all the decorations gone and packed away, family all back to their hometowns and that realization of all the food consumption you’ve done hitting from feeling so lethargic. From setting resolutions to goals for the New Year, to pondering what the next 365 days really has in stall for you.

[/column_element] [column_element]I’ve found myself putting a lot of pressure on myself come every January. I get that planner out and always start writing down what I need to do and what I want to achieve, and before you know it, I’m feeling anxious of whether I’ll be able to master those things or not, which is all pressure I’ve bought onto myself. It’s like a vicious circle. Possibly not achieving something, which then makes you feel unaccomplished, and not being good enough which then affects the rest of everything.[/column_element][/columns_container][/image_bg]


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This year I’ve decided to take each day as it comes, yes, I have aims and goals. But I’m not setting anything in stone. I’ve kept a small part of my mind in the know of what I hope for 2020, but I’m not going to write those things down and pressure myself every time I see that list. The first week of 2020 has been crossed off and I can honestly say, it’s been so refreshing. I’ve slowly eased myself into the new week, so that it’s not a complete shocker to my brain cells and I’m just taking each day and week as it comes. Rather than the traditional ‘need to…’ achieve XYZ by XYZ time.



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[cap_text full=”no” size=”40″]If you’re the type of person who feels the pressure of the whole ‘New Year New Everything’ basically, then don’t do it to yourself, stop right now. I can guarantee this first week in has felt like a ton of bricks in slo mo. Instead, be aware of what those things are that you wish, and don’t have them plastered somewhere that’s going to make you feel like your on the edge of your seat all the time.[/cap_text]


Its the first 12 days in and there’s so much happening already, Australia has seen its most devastating bushfires, flooding in Indonesia, the Royal Family may split, Brexit is upon us… it’s a time for us to all come together and just do the best we can in everything and anything we can do.


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An unnecessary pressure only leads to feeling down, stressed and not allow you to move forward. Always remember its not ‘the be all end all’ if something you hope for isn’t in amidst, there’s a right time that it will come, just continue to work towards it with an open mind. It’s almost bizarre that we want this and that within a whole year, when we don’t even really know what’s in stall for us tomorrow, so don’t build those heavy bricks on your shoulders, and instead, just do the best you can.


Wishing you all a happy today, tomorrow and what is yet to come.



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Yatri Pabari

Sunday, January 12th, 2020


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