Winter Skincare Favourites

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It’s that time of year when the dry flaky skin creeps along. Well definitely for me that is. I’m that person who’s always freezing cold if it’s less than 25 degrees, no I’m not exaggerating, it’s the truth. So currently our home is blasting with the radiators on full which results in stepping outside from that to the cold feeling like a freezer and as if someone is slapping you across the face until your numb.


So with that, naturally my skin suffers a lot during these cold months. I’m one who’s always up for trying new skincare, especially as of late as I’m trying to get my skin to a place where it’s healthy and nourished to the point where I can start using less foundation and just use concealer in areas that my skin needs a little bit of help.

[/column_element] [column_element]However, with that being said, I’m also one to stick with a product if I see results very quickly, if you asked anyone who knew me to describe by one word, it would be that I’m super patient. But when it comes to anything beauty, I always need results quick, even if it’s the slightest difference. I don’t have it in me to have a routine that kicks in after a good 4/5 months of use. So I thought I’d share my current skin saviors that have helped me with a difference within a couple of weeks, some of which over a few days.[/column_element][/columns_container][/image_bg]


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Recharge & Illuminate Tired & Dry Eyes


Ok, so, dry under eyes is something I battle with all year round, not just the colder months. It’s quite severe to the point where I hate applying any type of concealer if it’s a make up day because it just sits on top like a thick dry layer and within minutes it’s creasing. Literally like thick dry cream on a cake that’s cracking.


The Dior Prestige Le Micro Serum has been a dream for my eyes, with the micro beads it really helps to soothe and calm the under eyes as well help the serum sink into the skin, not to mention it feels like a cooling massage. A delight first thing in the morning and so calming at night before bed. With Rose de Granville jelly it helps to reduce puffiness and most of all for me it’s helped to brighten any darkness. I instantly see a difference on a day when I’ve missed using this, my eyes always look darker and tired, in comparison to when I have used it my eyes feels fresh and rejuvenated.


As well as nourishing within, it’s perfect under makeup. My concealer sits so beautifully over it, no dry and cakey layers and it helps to really keep my concealer stay put too. It is a little pricey for an eye serum, but if your looking to splurge on yourself and give yourself some pamper this is the one to really relax yourself with as well as refresh your eyes.[/card_text][/image_card]


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Brighten & Boost Skin


I can’t rave about this product enough. The Olehenriksen C-Rush Brightening Gel Crème is the boost everyone needs. As you can see I’m already out of it and need to re stock. This is that product that will give you visible results within a few days. I started using it back in October and at the end of the first week, my husband commented on my skin that it looks ‘very healthy and one tone’ which is a win for me! It’s an instant boost soon as you apply it with the 3 sources of Vitamin C and Rose Extract, it smells like actual oranges and glides over the skin smoothly being a gel cream. It leaves no sticky residue and my face literally drinks it all in as soon as I lather it on.


For me, it’s really helped to brighten up and illuminate my skin due to having dry and dull skin this time of year. It leaves my face feeling moisturized and plumped bringing out a natural glow. Even if you don’t have very dry skin, this is still a winner as an everyday moisturizer just to get that Vitamin C in that your skin needs and help even out tone and keep your skin looking healthy and glowy. [/card_text][/image_card]


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Even Texture & Improve Problem Areas


Another resulting product for me. I use Glow Dark Spot Toner by Olehenriksen hand in hand with the C-Rush Brightening Gel Crème at night. When it comes to spots, my skin is quiet well behaved; I don’t tend to get many spots at all. But these past few weeks I’ve had the worst breakout of my life, I’ve never experienced my skin this bad, with being in so much heating I feel like my skins just gone haywire and broke out. And with that I’m the worst spot picker. If I get one, I won’t leave it alone, it has to be popped which is not the right way to go about it (so don’t pop them!) Because of that, I’ve got a few scars that need a lot of help to brighten and get diminished.


I’ve been using this every night on a cotton pad before using the C-Rush Brightening Crème on my entire face, not just the spot scars, because it’s really helped to smooth out my skin texture, those tiny skin bumps you naturally have are so much more less visible and my skin feels much more softer with an even feel helping with applying make up to giving a super smooth base.


But yes, it’s lightened those spot scars like no other, after 3 nights of applying the scars are much lighter and evened out. So if you’re someone who has trouble with acne scars and darkness this is a dream, but if you are going to this please make sure to use a sunscreen along with it as it contains an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) which can increase your skins sensitivity to the sun. [/card_text][/image_card]


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An Everyday, All Year Hydrator


Bottle number two, I can’t live without The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid. I use this all year round every morning and night before the Olehenriksen C-Rush Crème. It’s affordable for a good-sized bottle and does the job of giving your skin that drink it needs in the morning and before bed. For me, it’s knowing that I’m giving my skin the base hydration it needs similarly to the idea of drinking water throughout the day for your body. Anything else I use on top of this is an extra because my skin needs that extra added help. But this hyaluronic acid is always my every day foundation of my skincare.


As well as hydration it’s also helped with fine lines and keeping those ‘11’s’ in between my eyebrows at bay. So if you’ve been on the hunt for an affordable Hyaluronic Acid this one’s definitely the one to give a go. [/card_text][/image_card]


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My Go To Skin Drink


This is the one I reach for when my skins feeling super tight and dry with those awful crusty flaky bits around my nose and peeling forehead (honestly, that’s how bad my skin gets this time of year). The Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Crème is a drink of water in the form of a cream for your skin. It’s made with camellia droplets that melt into the skin when you massage it in, feeling super refreshing and nourishing. Its lightweight feeling comfortable without that sticky feeling some creams have. With having the camellia as droplets it preserves the camellia to it’s purest form right up until it’s applied to the skin, which is the reason for it’s radiance and luminosity benefits. It’s really given me that soft and comfortable feeling skin when it’s been it’s most dehydrated bringing out a healthy glow. [/card_text][/image_card]


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The Skin Quench – The Product I’m anxious to use cause it’ll run out!


Last but not the least, my most favourite. The Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist. You’ll see me spraying this throughout the day like a crazy woman, I use it when I’m not wearing make up, before make up application, on top of make up, at night, afternoon, basically 24/7. I can’t explain what wonders this mist has done for me, it feels soothing, calming, relaxing, drenches my face with goodness and on top of make up it’s a dream! Gets rid of any powdery areas and finishes with the most flawless dewy base. As the title says, I’m so worried to use it now that I’m almost running out of it.


The light airy spritz just lays on my skin ever so gently and my skin literally soaks it all in and glows like freshly watered flower. That’s exactly how it feels, watering your skin with goodness and feeling super replenished. I couldn’t recommend it more, because it’s a dream for the warmer days too, with it feeling cooling and hydrating when being under the sun and out and about in the heat. [/card_text][/image_card]


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These have been my go to for reviving my skin during these colder days, some of which are all year round favorites as mentioned. They are what have worked for me so I thought I’d give them a share incase some of you suffer from similar skin symptoms and are on the hunt for something to better that, but not every product works the same for everyone, so I would love to know what you’ve been using that’s been working a treat for you.
*These products have been gifted but have been used and tested and have worked for me, all opinions are my own*

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Yatri Pabari

Sunday, January 26th, 2020


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