2023 At Your Pace

There’s this huge idea of ‘a New Year – new so and so’ or aims and goals, which is completely fine, we all need something to work towards. But it’s so important to be easy on yourself at the same time too. I’m a culprit myself, every new year I make goals and aims, and I don’t know how they become so set in stone and so vivid that when something happens to go the other way for any reason, it really brings me down and there would be times where I would feel like I’m failing almost. This is, practically, how it turns into a vicious circle. Feeling the burnout is super quick, and I just end up feeling so unmotivated and uninspired in anything and everything.

There can be a lot of pressure from seeing whatever it is everyone else is doing, and that is the epitome of bringing in comparison on yourself. Be sure to turn that switch off when you find yourself going into that kind of energy, instead take some time out, do something for yourself like listening to a podcast that you enjoy, read a book… for me, a long country walk always brings my energy and mind to a much more positive and rejuvenated state.

Running your own race, at your own pace, in your own lane, is so important.

Remember, that everyone is different and everyone’s going in their own particular lane which isn’t yours, so don’t be pressuring yourself to run in a lane that’s not yours because there’s no winning in that.

Be this the year that you practice plenty of self-care, balance, and what makes your mind and soul happy – that’s the most important. With that, all else will come.

Yatri Pabari

Sunday, February 5th, 2023


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