a sustainable christmas gift guide no.1


If you’re on the hunt for some beautiful sustainable, vegan & planet friendly gifts this year for Christmas, then I’ve put together a 3 part guide to spark some ideas and possibly introduce you to some wonderful brands too if you may not have come across them before.

In this first compilation, I wanted to focus as much as I could on brands that I’ve either worn, or tried, whether it be purchasing them myself or working with them through content creation, so some real favourites of my own that I would love to receive myself or gift a loved one.

The second edit is going to be focused on high end/luxury items that are also sustainable and planet friendly, so if you’ve got gifts to tick off on your list in that genre, then that will be coming after this one. Thereafter, the final edit will be a last minute gift curation, also all around sustainable gifts just in-case you’re like myself, and happen to have left things until last minute realising you’re cutting it close!

Just an FYI – You can check all fabric/material compilations and each brands ethos on all of their websites to know exactly what your buying.

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First up, I myself personally, would love to receive or gift that perfect timeless jumper, that will work hard in every and any wardrobe. I haven’t stopped wearing my Asket mock neck jumper, it’s the neckline that does it for me – it’s so chic and of course so cosy. It comes in 4 different colours and there’s many other styles too to choose from. I’ve also added this beautiful tabard from Baukjen, as you most likely already know, I love a tabard, the options are endless with them. And I couldn’t not add this cosy jumper from Everlane, the minimal rib detail is just classic.

If you’re anything like me, then being snuggled up and cosy is the highlight and best thing about a/w, and that always means cosy gowns. Bedfolk have beautiful plush gowns with hoods made with Oeko-tex certified cotton so there’s no harmful chemicals or synthetics. Be sure to give all the other ranges from bedding to bathware a browse too because there are some real gems to gift yourself too! I’ve also added this gorgeous linen number too from Piglet in Bed, a perfect self-care indulging robe for those warmer days.

If you have a bag-aholic in the family or a friend, then these beauties are great timeless styles made from vegan leathers, the JW PEI woven number is my personal favourite. It’s so chic and I tend to style mine as a clutch, I do have to mention that the lining is made from polyester however. The Everlane Hobo bag is made from cactus leather which is just amazing, I think I’ll be adding it to my bag-drobe myself!

Bedding is something I’m on the hunt for, for myself, so I had to pick out some of my personal favourite styles. I absolutely love this striped set from TOAST, it’s got that Parisian stripe that’s super chic, and made from organic cotton. But if you require something even more minimal, then this plain white linen set from Ecosophy is just right. This is most definitely a set I’m going to add to basket for my own bed. It gives that beautiful crisp & clean look with that added texture from the linen – just stunning!


Next up is beauty, and of course Rose Inc is one of my favourites. You can’t go wrong, from the packaging to the formulas to the shade ranges. I’m a huge personal fan of the blushes – they’re super multi-purpose so great for using on the lips too and to add a bit of hue to the eyes. Another item I have my own eyes on are the Face Halo’s, a great way to cut down on the makeup pads and a beauty essential that a loved one no longer has to keep buying. Aesop have some great gift sets for those who love their self-care and skincare, and for those avid makeup lovers, Spectrum has stunning brush sets that would make a wonderful gift to add to a makeup kit.

Ok so, I came across Honna whilst I was putting this guide together and oh my I’m obsessed! The pyjamas are beautiful! Made with 100% cotton and in gorgeous striped styles with plenty of colourways to choose from. There’s also a vine pattern which is equally as beautiful, and for those who like short sets, they have a range of those as well as night dresses, so be sure to check out all of their collections.



Another cosy lovers must, a classic cashmere scarf. Asket has a great range of colourways in their cashmere scarves and made from 55% recycled wool (pre consumer, off cuts and production waste) 45% recycled cashmere (post consumer, old garments).

I know I’m not the only one when I say, you can never have too many socks, for some bizarre reason the pairs always seem to want to wonder off in different directions no matter how much you keep them together. Organic Basics have a wide range of wardrobe basics, not just socks, so it’s a great brand to stock up on those wardrobe essentials whether for yourself or gifting.

hot water bottles

So, soon as it hits below 20 degrees my hot water bottle comes out, it’s literally stuck to my side, it would make a great gift for those who love to keep toasty like myself. A rubberless hot water bottle meaning it has no odour and is washable, as well as the cover being made from organic cotton. The Hot Water Bottle Shop also has an eco hot water bottle section, full of designs that are made from 90% renewable materials with the main material being sugar cane.

I’m pretty sure you will have heard of Edge of Ember, not only does the brand look after the planet through the making process, but the people who make the pieces too. It’s the perfect place to find that meaningful and special gift for that someone special. They have a customisation option to make your chosen jewellery personal, to engraving pieces too. There’s a beautiful range of necklaces, rings to earrings, with the most stunning ear stacking pieces – a great gift for those who have a cluster of ear piercings.



Nkuku is a beautiful homeware brand that I personally really want to buy from for my home. The bohemian chic style is gorgeous and is a great place to buy pieces with character and story. They work with natural, recycled and reclaimed materials through sustainable methods of production. Pieces are handmade by artisans throughout the world and I love that character that comes through the designs. There’s plenty of ranges to browse from, vases to mugs, glassware to furniture.

A beautiful throw makes a perfect gift for autumn winter days and Yorkshire Blankets have a huge range of 100% wool cosiness of beautiful check patterns and comfy cushions, door stops and pouffes . They use surplus yarn from the end of the week which previously went to landfill. Each blanket is individually hand cut and finished by themselves. The blankets are constantly changing colour depending on the yarns used in the mill that week – which makes each one so unique!

classic shirts

Last but not least, WNU. You already know I love this brand from my previous Style Focus post, so I’m not going to make this lengthy. A true timeless classic that will stand the test of time – a classic shirt made with sustainable fabrics, in my opinion the perfect gift for anyone’s wardrobe. There’s a range of fabric collections you can choose from, poplin, linen, hemp and silk so there’s definitely a shirt there to suit everyone, and with their monogramming option you can really make it personal and customise to your wish.

That’s all of my picks for the gift guide, some real favourites to some I want to gift to myself! I really hope that inspired some ideas or helped you with any gifting dilemmas. I would love to know any other sustainable gifting options that you may have come across or you think are a great idea, please leave those in the comments!

Yatri Pabari

Sunday, November 20th, 2022


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