Refining My Style with Sustainable Staples for 2024

I’ve been pinning away on Pinterest since the start of December of really basic staples that are well cut and styles that are classic to the bone. From the likes of basic white shirts, t-shirts and plain black trousers, classic jeans etc, which is what I want majority of my wardrobe to be for the foreseeable. Trying to add these from more sustainable brands is the mission.

For me, when I’m buying staples and real classics, the attention goes straight to the cut and fit. That’s where the ‘style’ element comes into play. Making something really basic into something stylish is always in the sizing & shape for me. A classic black blazer can be found everywhere, but I always like to size up two to three sizes to make it look more statement and bring an element of ‘style’ to it.

Getting to know a brands style of cut is super handy when it comes to buying staples. Some already cut their styles oversized with for that effortless street look, so you may even need to size down, that’s where you need to hone in on a brands style of cut and sizing and sift out the brands that don’t fit your personal style, that way you’re really buying items that make you feel your best from brands that cater to what you’re after.

I wanted to share some sustainable staples that I have and have been loving wearing, as well as some that I have my eyes on from sustainable brands that I want to really involve more of in my wardrobe this year. So, if you’ve been wanting to refresh those staples for January and the New Year, then have a snoop at my edit and definitely check out the below brands.

Sustainable Brands To Know

Some of my favourite pieces, and some that I have my eyes on

Yatri Pabari

Sunday, January 21st, 2024


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