New Year 2024

Another year complete and we’re already into the first week of January. Happy New Year to you all!

I really hope you have all had a much-needed relaxing break and you’re all feeling re-energised and inspired to maybe start some new things or get back to your usual routines with things you’re looking forward to working on this year. Whatever it be, I hope and wish for it to be the best year yet and bring you all whatever it is you wish for.

Ok, so, I know you probably weren’t expecting this post to pop up, and I think I need to point out the obvious which is, I know this space has been utterly neglected. As much as I wanted to really get back into writing and connecting with you all in 2023, this space just didn’t flourish in that way. I’m just going to be honest and say, I don’t have a good enough excuse, life just got life-ing and I just got so caught up in the fast-paced social media world that sitting down and writing about my favourite things just got put away in the cupboard.

But I’m really hoping to grow this space this year, I want it be a base where you can come and find more of my personal style in an informative way, whether it’s styling tips, links and alternatives to sharing brands that are paving their way with sustainability. Basically, whatever it is you may be after, you can find over here.

Tapping away at my keys right now writing this post has already got me so excited for what I want this space to be and how much I’ve missed just chit chatting. I’ve made some lists of what I want this space to hold but of course, I would also love to know from all of you what you might like this base to include that you would find helpful, like a section for each genre that you would like?

Please leave them in the comments and I’ll get working on those!

But for now, I just wanted to drop in, wish you all a wonderful year ahead, and share my excitement for what this space will become this year!

Yatri Pabari

Sunday, January 7th, 2024


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