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It only feels right to talk more about the beautiful Jones Road Beauty* products more after posting them on my Instagram, so many questions on the formulas to how the foundation sits on the skin, so here’s a run-down on my thoughts.

First up, please can we take a moment for the most beautiful packaging?! Obsessed with these minimal sustainable paper bag pouches, so aesthetically pleasing as well as good for the planet. Re-usable & recyclable which is just fab and all packaging is made from post-consumer fibre.

A super quick FYI in-case your unfamiliar with Jones Road Beauty*, it’s by the amazing Bobbi Brown whom wanted to create better beauty products consisting of clean ingredients and hard performing formulas. All of Jones Road Beauty* products focus on being clean, meaning that thousands of harmful ingredients are cut out making sure you’re not applying them to your skin, they’re also cruelty free and the brushes, mascara and most of the skin care is vegan – how amazing!

So, let’s get down to the products themselves, I’ve got my hands on ‘What The Foundation’* and the ‘Bronzer’*. Starting with the foundation, I would describe it is as the most lightweight silky mousse texture when you’re handling it out of the pot, soon as it hits the skin and you start to blend, it becomes a balmy formula. This is primarily what gives that super natural ‘my skin but better’ look. The coverage is tinted so your natural skin does show through which I love, but you can easily build up to your preference. And a little goes a long way! One thing I do find is however, that due to the balmy formula it does feel a little slippery and slide-y on the skin after applied, I do go over with a super light layer of loose powder as I’m not a fan of that feeling, as well as making it more likely to move and remove during the day, so a little dust of powder does the job.

There are 12 shades to choose from and I have shade ‘Beige’* so if you’re on the light to medium tone with a warmer undertone then it’ll be a great shade, but the website has a ‘find your shade’ questionnaire which will take just a few minutes to find your correct shade and it will get emailed over to you – so super helpful!

What The Foundation | Beige*

Moving onto the bronzers, I have ‘Dusty Rose’* – which I’m obsessed with! And ‘Tan’*. Dusty Rose is the most beautiful mauve pink and quite muted, which makes for a beautiful natural blush from within, I absolutely love it, it’s exactly that rosy-ness you get when being outside. Completely hit the nail on the head with the shade. And Tan is another muted number but as a bronzer, so it’s not got that orangey tone which can look quite harsh, but instead a really natural healthy warmth. There are 7 shades to choose from and the formula I would describe as, really silky and smooth, super easy to blend and they apply with a decent colour pay off, they aren’t really intense but a little sheer giving the option to build up to your desired intensity.

If you’ve been on the hunt for that super natural healthy base that can also be buildable then definitely give Jones Road a try, I believe you can pop into Liberty if your based in and around London to test and try as well as check out the shade ranges and all the other amazing products, ‘Dusty Rose’ is a MUST if you’re after a blush – I have my eyes on the ‘Miracle Balm!’ But if there’s any questions or any other details you want to know about the products, leave them in the comments and I can let you know!

*These products were very kindly gifted, but with no obligation to share*

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Yatri Pabari

Sunday, February 26th, 2023


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