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Whilst being at home and the weather getting warmer, I’ve found myself really hydrating my skin and really delving into my skincare more. I have a personal aim of getting my skin to a stage where it’s somewhat ok not having to wear foundation and just conceal where needs be, but I know that’s going to be a really long process so trying to wear lighter layers of makeup during the journey and creating a more youthful makeup routine has been really helping me feel comfortable in my skin and not feeling like I want to just wash my face after a few hours.

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I’ve been so obsessed with whole youthful fresh blush look, I’ve found myself scrolling and scrolling on Pinterest of beautiful minimal, youthful, glowy make up looks, so after some umming and ahhing I decided to get myself the much talked about Glossier Cloud Paints. I went with shades ‘Puff’ and ‘Beam’ both of them being the lighter pastel colours, one pinker and the other more coral. I gathered I’d get the most wear out of these two out of the range with them being more standard blush tones. With them being gel-cream blushes, the formula retains water so they’re perfect for having that dewy surface which creates that youthful skin look, rather than powder blushes that make the skin look ‘flat’ and sometimes dry.



And I have to say, I’m OBSESSED! You can build these up in layers if you want the colour to be more intense, or even layer up different colours to make your own tone. The formula is like it says, cloud paint, like paint, but not thick and heavy, its super lightweight and blends a dream with your fingers. You’re instantly left with a gorgeous sheen that gives your complexion a natural flush of colour, rather than it looking like make up.


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There’s 6 shades in the range, but these two have to be my favourite already without even trying the others, purely down to them being that perfect ‘young’ hue. And if your like me and can’t decide between two shades, then you can go for the duo set and get both the colours you like and get £5 off.


If you’re the kind of person who loves a no-make make up look I couldn’t recommend these more. There’re an instant healthy ‘I woke up like this’ feel, which is perfect for the warmer days too when you want your skin to be able to breathe and not be covered with layers of product. I have to be honest; I’m so obsessed that I even wear them as a lip tint and on the lids too. I’m not a huge eye shadow wearer, I find it just doesn’t suit my eye shape when using powders, so cream shadows are the way for me, but I hardly wear them still. But these give the most beautiful tint to the lids, and wearing them on the cheek, lip and lids gives such a gorgeous monochromatic look too.



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And of course I’m a sucker for beautiful minimal packaging, so these tubes are going to be sitting pretty on make up desk for sure!


I’d love to know your thoughts if you have these and tried them? How else do you like applying them? And what are your favourite colours?


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Yatri Pabari

Saturday, May 23rd, 2020


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