The New Cardigan

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I’m not going to lie cardigans have NEVER appealed to me. But the chillier crisp days have got me in a muddle on what to layer on top of my outfits without having to get cooked into a jacket potato with a huge coat. Yes, blazers are literally everywhere and it’s the perfect piece to throw on top in this current climate to keep warm enough and not boil, but I’m super particular when it comes to blazers. I have a self conscious mind when it comes to shoulders, I feel like mine are on the broad spectrum so trying to find that perfect colour blazer without them shoulder pads and a much more slim line cut is a bit of hassle – I have yet to fall in love with one.

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So, cardigans have always made me think, ‘too basic and let’s be honest – a little boring’ and so that very much thought-out outfit is just going to get covered with a not so great cardigan. I was having a browse through Asos and came across this beautiful gem. My view on cardigans was instantly changed. Can we just give the sleeves a moment of their own?! I’m all for the big poofy sleeves whether that’s a top, blouse, jumper, anything, but sometimes it’s frustrating when they aren’t actually that big, like some poofs are just trying to be poofs? I’m probably talking gibberish here but I feel like if your going to be a poof then it needs to be a decent size to look more quality. The long tight cuffs into the poofy sleeve is just the shape of dreams, I absolutely love how the rest is just simple with a wide rib, which gives the opportunity to style it up with belts if you want to sinch the waist in.


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I actually plonked it straight on as it arrived at my door and asked my husband how much it looked, and he said, ‘around £89 – £100’…. Guys…. It’s only £35!!! I’m not going to lie I thought for the price it’s not going to be that thick, won’t keep me that warm, and yes the poofs won’t look as good in real as online, I was wrong on every thought. It’s SO thick you could actually get away with wearing it when its winter, the quality is just ace! Never underestimate cardigans guys!



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On another note, I’m happy to be on the mend from my cold since last weeks post, and I’m off to make a cauliflower cheese bake as the parents are coming down for a visit – love me a cosy fam day, although I do yet to have all the cleaning to get done, bring out the Zoflora!!










Yatri Pabari

Sunday, October 7th, 2018


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