Double Knits

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From maxi dresses to knitwear – I’m well and truly into transition mode! I’ve been one of the eager ones to start introducing knitwear back into my wardrobe, although quiet abrupt from my last post which was a maxi dress, I have tried to still keep it subtle, and wearable for the odd warmer spell here or there…

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I came across this knit set and instantly fell in love, its quiet a lightweight knit so as I mentioned, if the sun did decide to come out for a little hello your not going to get baked like a jacket potato. Introducing lightweight knits are a great way to get into the swing of dressing for the next season, and for me co-ords are almost as good as maxi dresses! You’ve got your top and your bottom sorted so there’s no faffing about what to style either with, and a knitted co-ord always looks super chic and quiet trend led.


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With the season gradually moving, I’ve bought out the Gucci, a much more autumnal style bag, I could easily say it’s one of my favourites. One thing I’ve always believed and that is – if your going to invest in a designer bag, always make it a classic/timeless piece, so you know you’ll always get your wear out of it, whether that’s a classic black or nude to run you through seasons, or a classic silhouette.


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I’m not going to deny, I actually cannot wait to go through my rail and mix up autumn pieces and start to get all those cozy feels. For me, there’s nothing better than feeling all cozied up with hot drinks and all the winter television. Speaking of television, The Great British Bake Off is back on Tuesday, who’s excited?!! One I cannot wait for is Apprentice!

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Yatri Pabari

Sunday, August 26th, 2018


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